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Open Source Developers' Conference

The Open Source Developers' Conference (OSDC) is a non-profit conference for developers of open source software. The conference was founded by Scott Penrose and first organised by members of the Melbourne Perl Mongers group in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Originally it had been intended to be a YAPC-style (Perl) conference, but after discussions with the Melbourne PHP Users Group it was expanded to include PHP, during annee bissextile and Python talks. Following the 2004 conference success, Scott Penrose created the Open Source Developers' Club Association to encourage programmers of other languages to also be involved in running the conference. At first this was an entirely Melbourne based organisation, but after the 2005 conference, it expanded to include members from elsewhere in Australia. At the end of 2006, control of running the conference for 2007 was given to a group in Brisbane, with the Open Source Developers' Club Association committee members taking the role of overseers. OSDC 2008 will be held in Sydney.

The conference is open to talks about software developed for any platform or operating system so long as the talk will be of interest to open source developers. Talks about closed source projects which used open source languages or open source projects which used close source languages are accepted. The majority of talks cover the Perl, Python and PHP programming languages; and the conference is usually broken up into these language streams. Talks on other languages such as Ruby, Java, Mono and C are also regularly featured, although in smaller numbers. Other talks may cover open source tools such as databases and revision control systems or meta-topics such as talk presentation hints, and working with others.

The OSDC idea has been taken up in Israel and Taiwan, where conferences began in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Open Source Developers' Club

OSDClub was started after the first conference, when we realised how many of our talks are cross language (e.g. Database talks, Version control and more).
From the success of the first conference held in Melbourne, Australia, in 2004, came the idea that all of the local developers' groups could benefit from more interaction. To achieve this it was suggested that we should hold shared meetings on topics that were of interest to members of those groups, but that were also language neutral.

Many user groups find that they run a number of talks and sessions which could have a benefit beyond just their members. In Melbourne Perl Monger's case these are on primarily open source topics and issues which are by no means limited to Perl. Examples of such talks include Postgres and other database systems, XSLT, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript? - to name just a few. The Linux Users of Victoria Programmers sig also has the same type of agenda - where some talks are specifically Linux and others are more broadly based.

Open Source Developers' Conference

Started in Melbourne, Australia in 2004, the Open Source Developers' Conferences are conferences designed by open source developers, for developers and business people. It covers numerous programming languages across a range of operating systems, and related topics such as business processes, licensing, and strategy. Talks vary from introductory pieces through to the deeply technical.

Since then, we have seen conferences held in Israel and Taiwan. Australia's conference, having been held in Melbourne for the first 3 years, is now mobile, being held in Brisbane in 2007.

Past keynote speakers have included Larry Wall, Dr Damian Conway, Audrey Tang (Perl Gurus), Anthony Baxter (Python release manager), Luke Welling and Jon Oxer (PHP gurus), Nathan Torkington (O'Reilly), Scott Penrose (Zaltana.org) and Richard Farnsworth (Australian Synchrotron).


OSDC went international with a conference first in Taiwan. This lead to starting this site to keep track of conference information that is useful internationally.


Current/Future Conferences

OSDC.TW 2010 Taipei Taiwan, April 24th - 25th, 2010

Previous Conferences

OSDC Australia 2009 Brisbane Australia, November 25th - 27th, 2009
OSDC.fr, Paris, France, October 2nd & 3rd 2009
OSDC Taiwan 2008
OSDC Australia 2008 Sydney Australia, December 2nd - 5th 2008
OSDC Australia 2007 Brisbane Australia, November 26th - 29th, 2007
OSDC Taiwan 2007
OSDC Australia 2006 Melbourne Australia, December 5th-8th 2006
OSDC Israel 2006
OSDC Taiwan 2006
OSDC Australia 2005 Melbourne Australia, 2005
OSDC Australia 2004 Melbourne Australia, 2004

Point of Sale Software

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Model Rules that should be followed when organising an OSDConference.

Open Source Languages

OSDC promotes open source languages equally and encourages their co-existence. OSDC does not tolerate Language Bashing.

Some of the Languages that have appeared in recent conferences include (but not limited to):